Monday, January 19, 2009

CNY cookies & attempts

SIL's favourite CNY cookie... the Biscotti!

Baked like a cake 1st

Slice them up thinly

Rebake them till crispy

This is our burnt a.k.a. "chow ta" ones :p too brown

Cornflake cookie recipe from the baking shop...

Our everyready helper :p

1st batch of odd shapes... we were testing out which would look & taste better ~ hehehe!

Final decision, this is the best shape to have them in. Tasted nice & crunchy and not too sweet. Will share the recipe soon

Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy New Year - western style

Happy New 2009 everyone! Forgive me for not updating this blog for a long while now.
School holidays flew past us with the public holidays, family trips & festivities... my MIL's family also suffered the loss of their beloved Mother. Grandma was 82 yrs old & left us on 29th Dec'08. So that also explains the subdue tone & lack of reason to celebrate the new year with much joy.

Anyway,s I've finally tried something for this family's dinner. I did a western style meal (FIL was overseas.. he's more of your typical Chinaman when it comes to his diet :p ).

Here's the happy camper with the dinner spread ;)

This was set aside for my dearest hubby who was going to be home late for dinner.

My pumpkin soup turned out too thick eventhough I didn't add cream. This was made with precooked & preblended pumpkin puree. My MIL initially had it made for her Steamed Pumpkin Paos, it was frozen & asked me to make soup with it instead. So I think I had too much pumpkin puree & not enough water. I added 1 Large Onion diced, 2 medium sized potatoes, 1 cube of chicken stock, 1/2 of a carrot diced into the puree & water. Once everything was soft & boiling, I blended it.

Gravox Gravy with added diced onions & shitake mushrooms, Mashed potatoes & Garden salad.

Roasted veggies : Medley of Potatoes, Onions, Carrots & Capsicum (Red & Yellow) tossed in Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Sprinkle of potato wedges seasoning. These are over done abit. Just have them in oven at 200'C for 15 min would do.